About Progressive Delegates Network

Welcome to the Progressive Delegates Network! We’re a statewide team dedicated to promoting progressive candidates running in the California Democratic Party’s Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMs). On this site, you’ll find candidates who are running to be delegates to the CDP.

The candidates featured on this site are committed to pushing the Party to action on issues such as Medicare For All, a Green New Deal, Black Lives Matter, housing justice, and more. We're fighting to make the California Democratic Party the party of the working class, not the 1%. We’re tired of the platitudes about unity and civility at the expense of so many people who continue to suffer because of the corrosive influence of corporate power. We call on the CDP to reject contributions from the fossil fuel industry, corporate real estate development, law enforcement, the healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries, for-profit incarceration, charter schools or any organization or corporation directly benefiting these industries. We will work to hold accountable those who have a demonstrated history of serving the few and not the many.

We believe in equal human rights for ALL - here and around the world - for immigrants, refugees, and citizens alike; for the equal and dignified treatment of all people, no matter how they identify, and for a world that values respect, peace, and justice over the power of empire.

We know the majority of California Democrats are with us on the issues, but to win, we need your help. We are up against an establishment all too influenced by powerful interests, who are interested in maintaining the status quo.

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