Assembly District #23

PDN Candidate Profile

Alexandros Acedo

My name is Alexandros Acedo, and I am running as a Democratic candidate in Assembly District 23 because I have an inclusive and humane vision of what I would like the Democratic Party to embrace. I am a publicly educated millennial with a bachelor's degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley, and a master's degree in Education from San Francisco State University, but more importantly, I am a hard working member of society, husband, and father of two young children. Over the years, I have had myriad job titles, including babysitter, security monitor, mental health counselor, retail salesman, industrial painter, and finally, educator; I currently teach social studies at a Fresno area public charter school that serves primarily at-risk youth. It is a humbling and humanizing job that has opened my eyes to the gamut of challenges facing so many families in the greater Fresno community. The strength, resilience, and hope of the youth that I work with, and their families, along with the pressing needs of so many others in Fresno, and across our nation, have inspired me to step up my commitment to them, and represent those interests on a higher political field. My immigrant mother (from Greece) and Mexican American father raised me and my older brother with the values of hard honest work, universal human dignity, educational excellence, human equity, and stewardship of the earth. The wisdom and integrity of the aforementioned experiences and values will be summoned in my decision making as candidate in California's 23rd Assembly District. Thank you, and God bless us all.

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