Assembly District #23

PDN Candidate Profile

Bobby Bliatout

I am a proud Democrat and I value everyone; everyone has worth and should be treated with dignity. Being the son of Hmong refugees, I have seen and experienced the damage of coming from an underserved community or being "Disenfranchised." Combined with being a father of two minority sons, I have felt the fear of the dangers that reside outside our four walls. Living most of my life in Fresno County, I have seen the systemic inequities that exist and the challenges they create.

These experiences combined with my passion for community, has led me to create a non-profit community health clinic organization, that has now provided over one million health encounters. Through this journey of providing assistance to our underserved communities, I have come to greatly understand the obstacles that must be overcome to address the severe gaps in care, education, racial equality and environmental neglect that exists in our country.

Every day, I utilize my unique experiences for the betterment of our communities, and not just in my employment. In the community, I serve as a board member of EPU, an organization that provides the much-needed care for our children with developmental disabilities and their families. Being a lover of the arts, I have sponsored events at the annual Rogue Festival that takes place in Fresno's Tower District. I have opened a studio to help our local talent be displayed in areas of politics, advocacy, sports, trends and music. Within our democratic party, I am a member of many Democratic Clubs, to include the Fresno Stonewall Democratic Club, San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club, Fresno County Hmong Democrats and many more. Also, as a proud Democrat, I have two times, run for Congress to remove Devin Nunes from office. I am truly dedicated to our cause as Democrats.

I believe that we must do better to empower the Democratic voices that reside within Fresno County. And it begins with us working together in solidarity to empower our democratic party by ensuring that our endorsed candidates get elected. And once in office, by us holding them accountable for what we stand for, and demand action to gain the results we Democrats desire. With your support, I will work to further strengthen our party and ensure that our party progresses forward towards a more Just Community!

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