Assembly District #23

PDN Candidate Profile

Krista De La Torre

Hi, my name is Krista De La Torre and I am running as an ADEM delegate to fight for progressive policies and local representatives. As a Fresno native and local organizer, I have an intimate understanding of the economic issues impacting our region — from joblessness to housing costs to poor air quality and health outcomes. People should not have to work 2-3 jobs to sustain themselves and their families, nor go into debt trying to do so. Through my work as an organizer, I want to fight to strengthen our state's social safety net so everyone can lead a life of dignity.

I am an advocate for a living wage, jobs and housing guarantees, a COVID-relief stimulus, universal childcare and healthcare, student debt forgiveness, robust environmental protections, free public college, and reducing corporate power by allocating money towards public goods. Ultimately, I want to use my position as an AD Delegate to fight for the integrity of working and middle-class people in the Central Valley and across the state.

After graduating from Claremont McKenna College in 2018, I dedicated my time to organizing the field efforts of several Democratic campaigns. As such, I have been able to connect with diverse groups of people in the Central Valley and understand their needs. In my most recent position as a Field Coordinator through CADEM's Coordinated Campaign, I worked to help elect Democrats up-and-down the ticket and expand the Democratic electorate here in the Fresno area.

Through my work, I am passionate about empowering and mobilizing young people to take on a more active role in our community via organizing. As an AD Delegate, I hope to continue my efforts in youth outreach and engagement. The recent presidential election has politically mobilized scores of young people in Fresno. Upon voting for the first time, many of our youth are eager to become more involved in our community to help make a change but have no idea where to start. It is our duty as Democratic activists to identify, train, and empower this next generation of leaders so they can make a difference. With my commitment and literacy in organizing, I feel confident that I can bring more diverse people into the Democratic Party — and more importantly — represent and promote the true interests of Central Valley residents as an Assembly Delegate to the California Democratic Party.

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