Assembly District #23

PDN Candidate Profile

Ricardo Franco

I have been honored to serve as your Assembly District Delegate in the last cycle and am running for re-election to continue serving as a voice for working-class people in the district. The last election cycle made it clear that the voters of Fresno County, City of Fresno and California as a whole want to see a Democratic party that returns to its roots in supporting a progressive agenda. The Covid crisis has made it clear that economic inequality along with climate change is an existential threat to our country. If you did not support Medicare for All before the pandemic, the time is now. If you didn't realize how important a guaranteed income was to certain populations before the pandemic, the time is now. As an Executive Board memeber to the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus I have been honored to hold our own party accountable to its values and champion and promote candidates and party leaders that will help us get there. We need to continue to push forward with bold ideas, fresh faces and have the strength to say, "Yes, we can get it done" rather than settle for the status quo. It has truly been rewarding work serving our district and I would be honored to have your vote for reelection to continue on the progress we have made!

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