Assembly District #26

Our Endorsed Candidates

Recommended Candidates:

Brock Neeley
John Coffee
Edith Anne La Vonne
Danny Wojcicki
Lucia D Vazquez
Cameron Josiah Forgey
Marco Becerra
Adriana M Becerra
Carmen Becerra
Luis Sepulveda

AD #26 PDN Voter's Guide:

BULLET VOTE For Progressive Candidates

Vote ONLY for the following candidates! This strategy will help make SURE you’ll have progressive representation in Assembly District 26

  1. Brock Neeley OSIF
  2. John Coffee OSIF
  3. Ruben Macareno * OSIF
  4. Edith Anne La Vonne * SIF
  5. Armando Longoria * OSIF
  6. Consuelo Diaz SIF
  7. Jose Sigala * OSIF
  8. Laura Hernandez SIF
  9. Rachel Jordanne Eala * OSIF
  10. Red Cloud H. Manuel * OSIF
  11. Elise Modrovich * SIF
  12. Cameron Josiah Forgey OSIF
  13. Carmen Becerra SIF
  14. Amelia Warthen * SIF
  15. Marco Becerra OSIF
  16. Adriana M Becerra * SIF
  17. Angelica Velazquez SIF
  18. Sal Cazarez OSIF
  19. Luis Sepulveda OSIF
  20. Raul Gonzalez OSIF
  21. Lucia D Vazquez SIF
  22. Danny Wojcicki OSIF

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