Assembly District #27

Our Endorsed Candidates

Recommended Candidates:

Magdalena Carrasco
Enrique Arguello
Luis Arguello
Will Smith
Latoya Fernandez
Dieu "Bruce" Huynh
Monica Kitchiner
Raymond "Ray" Mueller
Jose R Lopez
Jean Cohen

AD #27 PDN Voter's Guide:

BULLET VOTE For Progressive Candidates

Vote ONLY for the following candidates! This strategy will help make SURE you’ll have progressive representation in Assembly District 27

  1. Magdalena Carrasco SIF
  2. Pamela A Schure SIF
  3. Babu Prasad OSIF
  4. Gina Gates SIF
  5. Enrique Arguello OSIF
  6. Luis Arguello OSIF
  7. Will Smith OSIF
  8. Mara Michele Privitt SIF
  9. Latoya Fernandez SIF
  10. Domingo Candelas OSIF
  11. Zia Karim * OSIF
  12. Dieu "Bruce" Huynh OSIF
  13. Emilie Gatfield * SIF
  14. Monica Kitchiner * SIF
  15. Elizabeth Barcelos SIF
  16. Raymond "Ray" Mueller OSIF
  17. Huascar Castro OSIF
  18. Allie Hughes SIF
  19. Angel D. Martinez OSIF
  20. Jose R Lopez OSIF
  21. Jean Cohen SIF

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