Assembly District #29

PDN Candidate Profile

Arlene Haffa

My name is Arlene Haffa and I am running to serve a second term as one of your delegates in Assembly District 29. I am a scientist. My work efforts are dedicated to research in sustainable agriculture and to educating the next generation of scientists. The definition of sustainability that I hold includes the protection of the environment, economic interests, workers, and society. I am working with both grower partners and other agencies to optimize on-farm management practices. We are seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from large conventional and small organic commercial farms while reducing water and pesticide use and improving soil health.

My students are highly diverse and motivated, and it is an honor to serve them on their pathway to becoming our nation's next scientists, medical practitioners and educators. I am a beneficiary of strong public K12 and university school systems and support funding education. Therefore I have chosen to work for a state university, and to give back what I am able.

I volunteer as the Political Action Chair and delegate to the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council for my union, the California Faculty Association. On my campus I serve as the chair of both my department and the Educational Planning and Policy Committee of the Academic Senate. These opportunities have given me a greater understanding behind the logistics of getting collaborative work done, as well as how policy is moved forward.

The pandemic has exposed how the inequitable access to the pursuit of happiness has made us all fragile. I believe in listening to all stakeholders before setting policy, but have a firm commitment to the environment, access to education and healthcare, and the protection of civil rights. I think that without interweaving these multiple components we will not find solutions to the challenges that we face. For example, we cannot solve environmental problems without affordable housing near public transit and/or job sites or supporting the hardware and infrastructure to allow for access to remote work. And, we can neither realize widespread affordable housing nor healthcare availability without a strong educational system that has seats at the table for all.

I would be honored to have your vote and to represent this environmentally and economically important region to the state party.

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