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Chris Krohn

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You know, back in 2015 when Bernie ran for president he made repeated calls to get involved. I got involved not on my own, because none of us really can do it alone.
I ran for city council with Sandy Brown, Drew Glover and Steve Schnaar. We called it the Brand New Council. We were supported by SC4Bernie and we ran to reflect the goals and values of SC4Bernie:
• Medicare For All
• Free State college tuition
• implementing a green new deal
• reform of our prison system
• a national childcare program that works for working people
• a real program to address homelessness and affordable housing;
• and lastly, to really address homelessness and affordable housing we need a real living wage...the fight for $15 is fast becoming the fight for $20 an hour.

In 2018, I worked to get a couple more Bernie candidates elected to the Santa Cruz city council, Drew Glover and Justin Cummings...and we had a brief majority on the SC city council. Besides getting that majority back in 2022, I would like to advance the Bernie movement platform.

Great headway was made the past couple of years by Bernie Sanders delegates pushing for convention reform among other changes. I will be working with others so that even more reforms can be made this time around to make the process more transparent so we don't get a consummate party insider like an Eric Bauman, instead we deserve someone like a Kimberly Ellis or a Delaine Easton as state party chair.

Of course, we all know Covid-19 is perhaps the biggest elephant in the room and enacting Bernie and AOC's call for $2000 a month to help working people get through this pandemic is what's needed most right now. I am a team player and I think building a progressive and democratic socialist team is the way to push our state towards leading the way nationwide.

Basic info about me: I direct an internship program for the Dept. of Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz. I'm also a writer and activist, a husband and the father of two great and wonderful daughters. I'm also a member of SC4Bernie, the Campaign for Sustainable Transportation, the People's Democratic Club and the Democratic Socialists of America, Santa Cruz chapter.

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