Assembly District #29

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Tyller Williamson

Being a Democrat isn't about serving one segment of our population, nor should it be about one perspective/point of view. We need a space where all feel welcome to debate the issues, but in the end fight and promote the rights, opportunities, and safety of all Californians together. Though we have the majority of registered voters, there are still minority voices among us, and must do all we can to make sure all are included; it's what democracy is all about! If you elect me as a 29th Assembly District Delegate, my #1 priority will be promoting democracy with civic participation at the core of advancing the party's platform.

In an effort to achieve social/economic equity, I'll work for the rights of not only underrepresented groups I belong to (BIPOC and the LGBTQ+ community), but also those where I stand as an ally (Women, People with Disabilities, and Immigrants).

I'll demand transparency and accountability for both party and government. Elections need to be at the center of our efforts, requiring us to support voting rights and remove barriers so that all eligible voters have every possibility of casting their ballot. I support efforts to the declare Election Day a holiday. We need to get corporate money out of politics, overturn Citizens United, and abolish the electoral college!

As a Monterey City Councilmember, I fight for all residents to have clean, safe, and assessable housing that is affordable in our community. I'll advocate for policies that increase housing stock, particularly for families and individuals with low incomes. This also needs to be paired with transit-friendly zoning and walkable, bikeable neighborhoods to encourage sustainability, affordability, and accessibility. Additionally, I'll work to protect the renter community, which makes up over 60% of our residence in Monterey.

I support single-payer healthcare, higher funding for teachers in the education system, a Green New Deal, gun violence prevention, unions and good paying jobs, criminal justice reform, advancing world peace and international partnerships, and our veterans and military families. Issues need to be the core of our politics, supported by a fair and transparent democracy. I respectfully ask for your vote to represent our district in the CA Democratic Party!

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