Assembly District #4

PDN Candidate Profile

Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald

I am Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald, I am a union member, and candidate for AD-4 E-BOARD and for AD-4 Delegate. I would be honored to have your vote!

I am a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) mom and have traveled to and spent time in St. Louis, Missouri and Reno, Nevada to serve as volunteer coordinator and to register voters, recruit volunteers and get out the vote (GOTV) for Democrats!

I have served as a Delegate two previous times and I am ready to work hard and serve again, because we must BUILD our Party!

I have advocated for fairness, equity and inclusivity in children's education, healthcare for all, affordable housing for low-income families, social justice, civil rights, and elimination of the use of toxic chemicals in our parks, as a former Parks Commissioner.

I currently serve as a Police Accountability Commissioner and believe that our Party must continue to speak up for social justice and civil rights as we continue to build and diversify our Party. We must also continue to register and educate voters as we build our Party and be willing to stand up and speak up for JUSTICE, because it truly is what sets us apart as Democrats!

I would be honored to have your vote (along with your vote for my slate - The Progressive Justice Alliance) and work with you to register more Democrats and support candidates that hold true to Democratic Party values and inclusivity to make our Democratic Party even stronger!
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