Assembly District #4

PDN Candidate Profile

Jennifer Rindahl

My name is Jennifer Rindahl, the current E-Board Representative for AD-4. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve in this role, and I humbly ask for your endorsement for my re-election.

Now more than ever before The California Democratic Party needs to be a national leader and at the forefront in the fights for justice and equity at every level.

With a Democratic Administration, California needs to make a new push for our own, Medicare-for-All like healthcare system, We must be bolder in our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and implement a state version of the Green New Deal, we must treat housing as a right not a privilege, and heed the demands of activists from around the country for police reform, and racial and environmental justice.

The pandemic has increased the power of a few large monopolies and made billionaires richer. We must fight back. As your E-Board representative, I put together a panel on state anti-trust issues for the 2019 State Democratic Convention, and in 2020, I co-authored the successful Resolution to Strengthen Anti-Trust and Anti-Monopoly Regulation to Protect Our Democracy, Empower Workers and Repair Our Economy.

I have worked in progressive politics for nearly 20 years. I have helped pass hundreds of local ballot measures to fund cities and schools, and proudly worked on the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign in 2016. In 2017, In 2017/2018, I ran Delaine Eastin's Campaign for Governor and followed this by running Cat Brooks' outsider campaign for Mayor of Oakland. I also proudly supported Kimberly Ellis for Party Chair. This year, I led a campaign for the LA Community College District Board of Trustees that specifically called out the corruption and failings of LA Democratic leaders, (including personally signing a scathing public letter to all voting members of the LACDP), and I am currently fighting for legislation to force companies to fund more childcare for their employees.

As a first-generation college graduate, I am deeply grateful for my father's union, the American Postal Workers' Union. After my father's death, his union benefits helped my mother and me stay in our home and helped me pay for college. I think it is quite clear that the rise and fall of the middle class directly correlates to the rise and fall of union membership in our country.

I would be honored to receive your endorsement and fight together to improve the lives of all Californians.

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