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Karen Rosenkilde-Bayne


When I think of the Democratic Party, I think of fearless conversations. I think of Kennedys, Lewis, Obama, and King, of Chisholm, Ferraro, Kamala, and Bern. We walked arm and arm across a river bridge, single file up a dry and dusty highway, placed flowers down a gun barrel, and wore pink beanies on our heads. We brought you Social Security, Medicare, Unions, and a man on the moon. We gave you Women's Rights, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, and a White House bathed in rainbow light.

My name is Karen Rosenkilde Bayne and I'm not afraid to have fearless conversations. Nine years ago, as a mom with two school-aged children, I was diagnosed with cancer. I looked death in the eye, and I won. Cancer taught me to be fearless; I'll be fearless for you, too.

Thankfully, I had good health insurance, but so many in our state do not. Healthcare is a basic human right, and with the pandemic, California must step up.

Four years ago, I ran for school board, where I've advocated for more counselors and nurses, better Special Education services, and equity. I've campaigned for school bonds, universal pre-school, and run for city council. My husband, a public-school teacher, and I have lived in AD-4 for more than 20 years. We are both products of public education, and our children are, too.

As a life-long Democrat, we stand at a cross roads I cannot ignore. While we won the Presidency and gained 8 seats in the State Legislature, we lost 4 seats in the House, 7 of the 11 Ballot measures, and face deep divisions within our party. As the world's 5th largest economy, with a decade-long supermajority, we've failed to create an adequate safety net, provide law and justice reforms, fully protect our environment, and effectively fund education. At times, it seems we've lost our ideological way, and as we've not addressed money in politics, it's easy to see that our words and our actions don't always match.

I am proud to be part of the Progressive Justice Alliance Slate for AD-4.
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As your delegate, I will continue to make good trouble with fearless conversations.
I would be honored to have your vote.

Karen Rosenkilde Bayne

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