Assembly District #4

PDN Candidate Profile

Melissa Johnson-Camacho

I have been a Registered Nurse for twelve years. I have seen the devastation of a dysfunctional for-profit healthcare system firsthand. We need Medicare for All! Now, on the frontline of covid-19 this immoral system is even more glaring as I watch my colleagues and I fight for the protections we need to care for people in this pandemic. This pandemic has peeled back and shone a light on the realities that oppressed people face. I want to be a voice to speak truth to power for equality. Growing up in Yolo County and being a single mother is where I learned to speak my truth as an activist for parents like myself on welfare. This advocacy is something I continue in the hospital as nurse, and a mother of a neurodivergent son. Black Lives Matter. Period. As your delegate I will fight for the Democratic Party of the people!

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