Assembly District #4

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Skyler Blakeslee

My name is Skyler Blakeslee. I work as a substitute teacher in Yolo County. I am running on the Progressive Justice Slate to continue the movement to make our party more reflective of working-class needs and values. I co-founded Davis for Bernie Sanders in May, 2015 and campaigned extensively for Sanders in the 2016 and 2020 primaries. In 2020, I served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. I have been active in movements for social and environmental justice since graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Community Development.

Our country has gone through a difficult period, and we have work to do. Progressives, liberals, and even moderate republicans must join in opposition to white supremacy and right-wing populism and work to combat rampant disinformation and anti-science propaganda. These are grave threats to our republic, which require us to put aside our differences, but should not be used as an excuse to abandon progressive values. Rather, we must recognize that progressive policies, which are broadly beneficial to working-class Americans, are essential to combatting right-wing populism.

We need to tax millionaires and billionaires to properly fund our government and reduce inequality. We need to address the pandemic on all levels and put people to work making our economy better and more sustainable. This is how we fixed the Great Depression. Now we need a Green New Deal.

Health care is a human right and a public good. For-profit health insurance is illogical and backward. Covid-19 has made this clearer than ever. We need Medicare for All.

We must face the reality that the problem of slavery didn't truly end with the Civil War; it morphed into Jim Crow and ultimately our current system of racial voter suppression and mass incarceration. We need to decriminalize addiction, poverty and mental illness. We must also massively reform policing and sentencing and abolish private prisons. We need to guarantee and defend voting rights everywhere in this country.

This is just a start. I recognize these are big problems, but I will do my best to advance real solutions as a delegate for AD4.

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