Assembly District #4

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Stephanie Pahwa

Right now, I'm fighting Covid-19 on the front lines as a respiratory therapist and labor activist. Free time for me consists of phone banking in swing/red states, championing for labor, and serving as an active member on my county's DCC and in grassroots campaigns. In addition to working the Covid crisis, I spent my waking moments fighting for the soul of our country during this recent presidential election. As an Army veteran, this has been the most intense battle I've ever fought and yet we still have so much work ahead of us. The most painful part of working the covid-19 frontline has been to witness the disparities in healthcare, especially amongst minorities. I have watched the Latino community, the laborers and field workers, the backbone of this country, dying at disproportionate rates. Many contracting Covid-19 due to being essential workers in substandard working conditions with absent community outreach and awareness. People should not have to decide between medicine and food. We are one of the richest countries and we can do better for our people. Covid taught me that if we can bailout big business, we can afford our citizen's proper medical care. And without saying, the current administration failed all of us Americans in this pandemic, failed to warn us, failed to deliver contact trace testing and PPE to essential and frontline healthcare workers and we are still out of PPE and continue rationing and reusing what we do have. And as I write this statement, we are still without our second Covid relief stimulus package. This is unacceptable.
Climate change is happening at an alarming rate and many of us have been evacuated multiple times. I evacuated the Valley fire as my neighbor's homes burned to the ground. Much of our district has been ravaged by wildfires and we need elected officials who will take climate change seriously. Rent and housing have gone up exponentially but wages have not. The housing crisis needs a solution- homelessness is at an all-time high. It's a sad reality that California has one of the largest economies but affordable housing is darn near nonexistent. We should not have to wait for pandemics and ravaging wildfires to start thinking ahead and out of the box. California can and should be the template for the rest of our nation on healthcare reform and green energy, which is why we need to vote in electeds that will get stuff done and stand behind the promises they make! I will vote for candidates who look for innovative solutions, and incentives for a cleaner greener future. I will continue to stand up and fight along with my union brothers and sisters for healthcare justice, living wages and improved worker conditions.

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