Assembly District #46

Our Endorsed Candidates

Recommended Candidates:

Sybil M Azur
Daniel Tamm
Brian Gavidia
Colleen D Evanson
Samantha Dorf
Lauren Perotti

AD #46 PDN Voter's Guide:

BULLET VOTE For Progressive Candidates

Vote ONLY for the following candidates! This strategy will help make SURE you’ll have progressive representation in Assembly District 46

  1. Lester F Aponte OSIF
  2. John Alford OSIF
  3. Julissa Rodriguez SIF
  4. Lauren Perotti * SIF
  5. Karen Hernandez * SIF
  6. Steve Pierson OSIF
  7. Suju Vijayan SIF
  8. Daniel Tamm OSIF
  9. Adrienne Burk * SIF
  10. Michael Swords OSIF
  11. Nick Roth OSIF
  12. Carolyn Chriss SIF
  13. Angela Harvey SIF
  14. Lanira Murphy * SIF
  15. Gregory Wright OSIF
  16. Mark A. Speare OSIF
  17. Samantha Dorf SIF
  18. Sybil M Azur SIF
  19. Colleen D Evanson SIF
  20. Brian Gavidia OSIF
  21. Colleen Toumayan SIF
  22. Jose Navarrete OSIF
  23. Lauren Hoeflich SIF
  24. Syed Hussaini OSIF
  25. Walter Rivers OSIF
  26. Yvette Chambers SIF

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