Assembly District #54

PDN Candidate Profile

Elizabeth Jansma Sharma

I am a former lawyer and educator turned full-time caregiver to my three young children. Like so many others, I am a lifelong Democrat who has come to embrace the possibility that the Party can stand for something real. For decades, I fought for candidates whose political balancing act meant selling out the working class and turning their backs on the most marginalized among us. But one can only pursue profit veiled as "pragmatism" for so long before people start waking up to what is possible.

That wake-up call came for me in 2020, when, free of the trappings of a corporate ladder and acutely aware of the precarity of our children's future, I embraced Bernie Sanders' call for a political revolution. I began volunteering for his campaign in every spare moment, hosting weekly canvassing events out of my home, phone and text banking, and canvassing as much as I could with my kids in tow. I also became a member of DSA and, following Sanders' primary loss, committed myself to organizing locally with the organization's Los Angeles branch.

I believe that we must continue to fight for what is both pragmatic and principled: Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, tuition free college, housing for all, defunding the police and an end to endless wars. We must demand that politicians be accountable to ordinary people and not to the corporate interests wreaking havoc on everyday people and our planet. As Assembly District Delegate, I would vote for party leaders and policies that directly improve the material interests of the working class and marginalized communities—that is the only path to liberation for us all.

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