Assembly District #54

PDN Candidate Profile

Greg Gabrellas

I'm a resident physician and Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU (CIR), the largest labor union representing graduate medical trainees nationwide. I was a supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders during his first presidential campaign because of his leadership on healthcare reform and his advocacy efforts further inspired me to become a founding member of my union chapter at UCLA. Over the past few years, I've fought to expand access to care at UCLA, advocated for Medicare for All, opposed construction of a new county jail, and organized members at my own workplace to win our first union contract. After volunteering for the Bernie campaign earlier this year, I served as a delegate for Senator Sanders to the Democratic National Convention. My fellow union members then elected me as an openly-gay leader of our union on a platform of greater union democracy, a commitment to deepen our organizing through the pandemic, and a pledge to fight for the issues that unite all of us as a class. I've learned from union organizing that if we're going to win power for the working class in our city, then we must build majority participation in the political process based on unbreakable solidarity. As residents, nurses, and other health care workers have struggled to care for the sick, I've worked with other leaders in my union to make a just and humane public response to the COVID-19 pandemic our national priority. We are now living through a health and economic crisis but the pandemic cannot put organizing on hold. We must fight for progressive policies like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and the right for all workers to form a union to ensure working class people's needs are at the center of state and national politics.

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