Assembly District #67

Our Endorsed Candidates

Recommended Candidates:

Spencer Freeman

AD #67 PDN Voter's Guide:

BULLET VOTE For Progressive Candidates

Vote ONLY for the following candidates! This strategy will help make SURE you’ll have progressive representation in Assembly District 67

  1. Lisa Andres * SIF
  2. Ramona Hillis SIF
  3. David X. Kolk OSIF
  4. Maliha Waqar Williamson SIF
  5. Colin Whittington OSIF
  6. Darla J. Gordon SIF
  7. Nancy Young SIF
  8. Mia Rose San Angelo SIF
  9. Jacob Hughes OSIF
  10. Jorge Lopez OSIF
  11. Spencer Freeman OSIF
  12. Amber M. Lane SIF
  13. Jennifer Scharf SIF
  14. Dylan Scharf OSIF
  15. Michelle Singleton SIF
  16. Morgan Singleton II OSIF
  17. Angela B Nevin SIF
  18. Timothy J Sheridan OSIF
  19. Kelly Thorisson SIF
  20. Joseph Pflugh OSIF
  21. Felipe de Pierola OSIF

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